Municipal bond specialists dedicated to a better tomorrow.

Valdés & Moreno adds value by marketing new issues to retail investors and overlooked and/or under-covered institutional buyers. We believe this approach adds diversity and depth to the order book and can ultimately help lower yields for issuers.

The art and science comes in mining orders that would not be captured elsewhere. Orders that no one else can get, no matter how small, are the ones that add incremental value. This is where we excel.


We connect the dots for people with good intentions and their money to the social responsiveness of the projects that municipal bonds finance. We eliminate the middleman by positioning the investors as close to the natural seller as possible. We work our distribution network to connect as many retail buyers as possible to the new issues we participate in.

Our network of buyers includes individual investors, money managers, and bank trust departments. We are also willing to cover small broker/dealers, registered investment advisors, and other retail investment professionals. This expanded network results in new buyers and more orders for new issues.


We believe it is important to give the people who will benefit from new projects in their community the chance to invest in the bonds that will make them happen. Because we care about the community, we hold local informational sessions to educate stakeholders about upcoming bond offerings. This helps take the mystery out of the new issue process and gives retail investors equal footing. At the heart, our business is connecting individual investors to community infrastructure for the common good.

We provide customers with the opportunity to live well through tax-free interest income by doing good. Tapping into the passion of the local citizenry, workforce, constituents, and taxpayers is a tangible way to keep stakeholders involved and generate goodwill. Nobody wants to see a community succeed as much as those who live and work there.