Established relationships.
Unique access.




Our firm’s ability to access multiple electronic trading platforms and multiple trading partners enable us to determine the best option that helps our customers achieve best execution in a suitability and fiduciary environment. As much as we like the electronic trading platforms for good reason, we are not opposed to reaching out to specific traders or trading desks or other institutional customers, whether over the phone or via communication networks, to put together a trade or gain color. It’s still a relationship business. Communicating timely with the right person is how trades get done. However we can put the natural buyer next to the natural seller is what we are going to do.

Our institutional trading capability provides our institutional customers solutions to their fixed-income investment needs, giving them geographic and/or sector diversification at a fair and competitive price. Our trading desk serves a broad base of customers, including not only classic institutional investors, such as banks, mutual funds, ETFs,  bond funds, insurance companies, and corporations, but, also, registered investment advisors, money managers, trust departments, and other investment professionals. As for finding bonds, in addition to scouring the platforms, we are a go to for brokers’ brokers for certain bonds and we work a number of institutional bid lists daily, sourcing bonds directly and providing customers liquidity by positioning bonds while finding the other side. Our institutional fixed-Income trading desk is dedicated to service, execution, and, above all, trust.

In addition to institutional customers, our firm deals with other broker/dealers, big and small, and their wrap desks. We don’t compete. We buy bonds from them and they buy bonds from us. When it fits, it fits. It’s a win-win-win for the other broker/dealer, for us, and, most importantly, the customer involved. We pride ourselves on good relationships with other broker/dealers.

Often is the case that Valdés & Moreno carries inventory positions of bonds we find particularly appealing or has unique access to bonds through negotiated or competitive primary offerings we participate in. Whether we buy bonds in the secondary market or take them down in a syndicate, we typically own and offer the bonds making them proprietary product subject to availability and change in price.

Our established relationships give both institutional and individual investors unique access to the municipal market, offering diversification and peace of mind for investment dollars.

Investments can be a nervous venture for some. At Valdés & Moreno, we do our homework to find unique opportunities to invest in, optimizing your return and easing your worry, because investing should make you feel brighter about your future.

Ask us about “story bonds.” They are hard to find and do the research, but the out-sized yields make them attractive and add some kick to your portfolio. Such bonds are usually in short supply and go fast. Typically, they are non-rated or recently downgraded and kind of scary if you don’t know the story. That’s where we come in. It’s about finding the diamond in the rough. When others rush out, there might be good reason to rush in.