Prepare for your future by building a better community.

Who We Are

Valdés & Moreno was founded in 1994 by Marco Listrom, a 49-year veteran of the securities industry. The firm’s goal is to bring enthusiasm for individual municipal bonds to individual investors. First, we want to draw investors’ attention to projects in their community that were financed by municipal bonds. Folks will no longer scratch their heads wondering how infrastructure in their community got there and how municipal bonds figure so prevalently in their daily lives. Second, as enthusiasm builds to passion, we want to connect a portion of a person’s wealth and income to things that really matter for quality of life and the public good. In essence, municipal bonds are the first pillar of socially responsible investing. As we say it, helping people LIVE WELL BY DOING GOOD®. Third, we are determined to put our customers as close as possible to the natural seller or buyer as the case may be. In other words, we aim to eliminate middlemen and unnecessary fees that drive up investment costs for ordinary investors. Lastly, when we can and as appropriate, we want to help investors reach comfortably for yield. Measuring risk is part and parcel of what we do.

We are pleased with our success over the years and that we have stood the test of time. We are indeed blessed with many customers who have benefited from our strong track record of independent, straight-forward advice. We believe our founding principles, our team, and our approach has served our customers well in achieving their long-term financial goals.

We do things differently here. It’s no robo-advice for the masses. It’s high touch by design and necessity. It may be old-fashioned in this day and age, but we believe the best results are delivered over the phone and face-to-face, augmented by tactical technology. We look forward to meeting you and knowing you personally and learning about your financial needs and goals. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that municipal bonds can play an integral part in your investment portfolio.

What We Do


That’s pretty much it, along with certain ancillary services that help move our customers toward their goals. Our track record is over a quarter century. We stand with retail investors, no matter how big or small, providing our customers direct access to municipal bonds and the underlying projects they represent. Why? Because mom and pop investors are the bedrock of municipal bonds going way back when to the present day. Orders from Individual buyers are the most prized and carry considerable clout in the marketplace. We can explain. We’re about the only investment bank in the area that consciously pursues retail investors solely for the sake of their contribution to the municipal bond market, helping regular people invest in meaningful projects in their hometown. The pooling of money for the common good as was first envisioned years ago.

For 29 years, Valdés & Moreno has provided investment banking services for the benefit of governmental/public entities, corporations, and institutional and individual investors, raising capital and providing the tools each needs to make a positive and lasting impact in the communities in which they live and work and raise families. We serve a diverse customer base across Missouri and Kansas from our office and trading desk located in Parkville, Missouri, right outside Kansas City, the heart of America.


If you’re an RIA and not as familiar with the vagaries of a fragmented muni bond market as the stock market, and don’t know who to trust, Valdés & Moreno is a good place for you to shop for municipal bonds for your customers. You know your customers need them, but you don’t know how to get them and not get ripped off.

Valdés & Moreno is likely a better solution than your own broker/dealer or clearing broker. We specialize in municipal bonds. We help your customers LIVE WELL BY DOING GOOD®. We are experienced and knowledgeable, in the market daily, all day, and good educators if you want to learn and look smarter to your customers. Put us on your team of trusted advisers, like you would a CPA, estate attorney, or other professional. The universe of financial planning is huge. Too much for any one person to know everything. This is the age of specialists. Let us help in this one small, but yet highly important asset class.

Investments in municipal bonds aren’t meant to make folks nervous, but to give them peace of mind, including yours. At Valdés & Moreno, we do the homework and necessary research. We want your customers to succeed in reaching their goals so you succeed. Set yourself apart. Municipal bonds done the right way is a solid differentiator for your business. Municipal bonds are an avenue to share the excitement with your customer about their future, their family’s future, and the future of the community in which they live.