Retail Investors 

Valdés & Moreno can help retail investors craft portfolios that include municipal, corporate, and U.S. government bonds as well as equities, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and options.  Valdés & Moreno’s goal is to bring retail investors as close to the natural seller as possible. In plain English, that means we work to eliminate the middlemen that prevent average investors from getting the best prices for their securities.  As an underwriter of municipal securities, we are able to offer investors new issues, which allow retail investors to buy at a price close to the issuer’s original cost. In addition, our firm searches the secondary municipal bond market for bonds issued with characteristics our investors find valuable. We look for bonds supporting projects and entities familiar to our customers, in our community, with maturities and characteristics that meet their investment needs.

Further, we are a lean and mean shop that does not charge you for frills. Our small, casual office is located in The Villages at Burlington Creek, a newly redeveloped economic complex tucked neatly away in the beautiful Northland of Kansas City. We are just east of Parkville, MO.  Up the hill and around the corner from Historic English Landing on the Missouri River.

We may be old-fashioned, but we believe relationships should start with face-to-face meetings.  We look forward to meeting with you to learn more about your financial needs and explain the advantages you will experience working with Valdés & Moreno.  



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